Charter Show

As a Professional Trade Show, the MYBA Charter Show, with its long history and dedication to quality, is a business occasion and a true celebration of yachting.


Tony will be attending this year's MYBA Charter Show thus costs for flights, hotel and expenses have already been covered. As a result, CAs booking Tony will only pay his entertainment fee (excluding additional logistic costs). 


Tony is offering a reduced fee to entertain during the MYBA Charter Show as reconnecting with brokers and senior crew supports his pre-season marketing efforts. It's a win-win for both Tony and CAs wishing to market their yacht with industry leading onboard entertainment.


Tony understands the financial commitment required to register yachts in the show. His experience working with Charter Management teams ensures his entertainment perfectly compliments the brokers' experience onboard.

During a broker lunch for example, the spotlight remains firmly on the Chef and the quality of the crew's service. Tony entertains as guests arrive during pre-drinks and between courses.


Tony will never interrupt important commercial conversations nor will he embarrasses any guests- his approach is relaxed and sophisticated. 


Massima Piras 

Charter Manager

I would definitely say that Tony was an added value to the broker’s lunch and did not interfere at all with its purpose.


His presence onboard was very much appreciated.

Raphael Sauleau


Tony is just the perfect addition to an event or a party as he brings that sparkle of magic which mesmerizes us all and he does it with style and class.

Alexander Whitty


Tonys approach to magic is refreshingly different to a lot of acts and I would highly recommend him for luxury events and charters.


He certainly blew me away with the acts he performed for us!

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