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Tried, tested and trusted.

The spirit of magic can really add a real buzz to corporate events.


Tony's laid back and relaxed approach will help everyone to break the ice and feel at ease and an extensive repertoire of stunning magic tricks right before their eyes (and sometimes in their hands) will leave a lasting impression.

Trusted by leading global brands Tony is a safe bet and will deliver an exceptional display time and time again.



Tony will scope out prospects whom fit the brief set out by you during your consultation meeting. 

After approaching them Tony will continue to hold their attention through purpose designed bespoke close-up magic which is proven to be immediately effective in a trade show / exhibition environment.


Through conversation during the encounter Tony will ask questions to further qualify prospects ensuring only warm leads are passed over to your team on the stand.

Carefully crafted questions can be asked as part of a trick making for a gentle and unobtrusive qualification.




The immediate rapport  generated by Tony acts as a spring board for your stand team to have a more meaningful conversation with the warm lead. 

Tony will introduce the warm lead to your team personally and return to engaging more prospects.


As a professional Tony will represent your organisation impeccably and create lasting memories for your future contacts & customers.

Post show follow-up calls your team make almost always discuss the close-up magic experienced on the day. Rapport is regained instantly, your sales conversation couldn't get off to a better start.

Exhibitions & Trade Shows



Corporate Events


Company Dinners

Magic is the ideal entertainment when receiving guests and between courses to make everyone feel completely relaxed and at ease. Tony's magical performance is a great ice breaker guaranteed to enable everyone to enjoy the occasion even more. 



- Hedge of Private Office,

  London Wealth Management Firm

“I have no idea how you just did that!” 

“You made our event truly magical and we can't

wait to have you back” 

- Marketing Director, London

Tony has gathered quite literally thousands of testimonials over the years. As of April 2019 it was decided that LinkedIn provides the best platform to display these recommendations given that they're entirely verifiable thus more credible.

So it's a work in progress with more being added all the time..

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...I'm speechless!”

- CEO of Pharmaceuticals Giant,


“I've seen Corporate entertainment around the globe and this is the most impressive to date”

- Hedge Fund Manager, New York

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