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Pre-Release Showreel: Fast tracked for Captains and Charter Brokers

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

We have listened to you all ... stay tuned for a pre-release of Tony Steward's showreel.

Those of you whom have seen Tony dazzle guests in person with his close up magic often comment it's an experience you will not easily forget. The challenge comes in conveying this experience to those whom haven't seen him.

We have been asked countless times by Captains and Charter Brokers for a showreel demonstrating what Tony does onboard to share with clients and owners. We knew we needed to partner with the best in the superyacht industry to capture the allure of Tony's world renowned entertainment. We are thrilled to be working with Robert Gleed and Jeff Brown of Breed Media. We will make a pre-release available for Captains and Brokers to share with their clients / guests whom may be considering onboard entertainment this Caribbean Winter Season.

If you would like to be granted access to this cut before public release in April 2020 please write to David Smith directly expressing your interest.



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