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Upscale Entertainment for Thanksgiving & Caribbean Yacht Charters

As the Mediterranean charter season quietens down, many dual-season yachts will be planning for what’s up ahead for the U.S East Coast and Caribbean. The upcoming Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) from 30 October to 3 November will welcome yachts after their crossing, and if you’re fortunate you may glimpse Tony Steward onboard AMELS’ flagship 83m M/Y HERE COMES THE SUN during an exclusive VVIP reception on Thursday 31st October.

Following this, our North American clients will be celebrating Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November (28 November), a later date than normal to recognise the harvest season with colossal Thanksgiving Day Parades and fun seasonal parties. Regardless, it’s an ideal time of year to reflect on a busy year so far and prepare for the Caribbean yacht charter season and private events over festive holiday dates.

One of the most alluring aspects to close-up magic is being able to travel and perform in many different destinations and enchant people from the four corners of the globe. What a thrill to have an individual’s attention; their senses are attuned as they feel a connection with the magician until their expectations are defied. Are you ready to take that next journey with Tony Steward?


A painting, sculpture or diamond ring represents a tangible object, but a close-up magic performance is complete in itself without depending on anything external, except props (if used) and the audience’s reactions. Booking a close-up magician for a Thanksgiving party is a great way to spoil yourself and your loved ones.

If someone books Tony, they're expecting him to provide roaming entertainment. He can perform amidst standing groups of people at a cocktail party, or intimate performances right at a dinner table - always introducing himself and entertaining briefly with some tricks before moving on to the next group.

Performances are enjoyed at close distance, but with the appropriate distance socially in terms of respecting guests’ private space, their culture and age without putting them in the limelight or embarrassing them.


The Caribbean promises impeccable beaches and crystalline waters, fabulous food and historic towns for languid days ashore. For anyone who’s visited the Caribbean, it’s a region that encompasses the finer things in life. Certainly, this is apt in the yacht charter market where high standards make a memorable impression on the people who matter most in our lives.

As an Associate Member of the Inner Magic Circle, Tony Steward has thirty-plus years of performing for international clientele, bringing flair to global events. His skillset combined with an in-depth understanding of the entertainment industry means his professionalism and excellence shine through in every aspect of his craft.

Bookings are already confirmed for Tony to entertain yacht owners and guests on yacht charters in the Bahamas, British Virgin Islands (BVI’s), St. Barths and St. Maarten. Tony’s reputation means that yacht charter brokers trust his ability to showcase the universal appeal of magic and invite people to explore the nature of human emotion, whereby guests young and old will be astounded by humour, curiosity and surprise at any celebration onboard such as weddings, birthdays or anniversaries.

From Antigua to the Turks and Caicos, Tony will be igniting anticipation at various Caribbean yacht charter destinations:

ANTIGUA - Antigua is a popular charter destination with a vast sailing heritage, colonial past and diverse natural sites. Create your own mesmerising corporate event at a sailing regatta or entertain your friends in style by making your guests feel extra special when they can be part of the magic during a private evening meal onboard.

BAHAMAS & BARBADOS - Soak up the salt air visiting quiet cays, dance in Caribbean breezes to the rhythms of calypso and let Tony charm you with understated close-up magic on an untouched beach as the sun sets.

BERMUDA - Not technically located in the Caribbean, Bermuda sits much further north but is a popular add-on for U.S charters. Diving and snorkelling the spectacular reefs are a highlight and thrilling!

Relaxing while on yacht charter is pure luxury – Tony's clients are reassured that he’s a full member of Equity, a union of over 45,000 performers and creative practitioners with specific insurances designed to cover him in his professional work. This is hugely important, especially when invited to perform on a high-value superyacht where guest numbers, environmental factors and assets can vary.

ST BARTHS, ST LUCIA & ST MAARTEN - Whether you’re berthed at port, staying on a luxury yacht at anchor or enjoying a romantic getaway in a sumptuous villa, St Barths, St Lucia or St Maarten are wonderful yacht charter destinations to visit from December to April putting them on the wish list for a Christmas or New Year vacation.

We will work with you on every detail of booking Tony for a surprise Caribbean island appearance - from bespoke props to transportation logistics and performance timing that flows with your schedule. Guided by the client, we can create bespoke magic for a specific guest aboard or at your exclusive event. For example, illusions based on a person’s interests or hobbies, an anniversary date or engraving a vessels name into a keepsake that the guest takes away as a memento. David Smith, Booking Agent for Tony Steward advises, “Booking early is highly recommended, because Tony is often in demand in different places at very short notice. Our detailed planning means we need a minimum of 10-14 days to craft illusions and physically create the props which are all customised.”

From a client perspective, Tony’s fee is a full service that includes an Account Manager 24/7, logistics managed, world-class performance, ability, credibility, reliability and discretion. If you’re looking for something that sets your occasion apart and truly experiencing the Caribbean like a VIP, then Tony can craft a magical narrative during St Barths Bucket Regatta, anniversary celebrations or weddings.

ST THOMAS & ST VINCENT & THE GRENADINES - St Thomas and St Vincent & The Grenadines are drawcards for yacht charters with plenty to do such as diving shipwrecks, day charters to Virgin Gorda, or indulging in a spa experience with the lively scents of coconut, tropical flowers or banana.

Yacht charter brokers are highly skilled at organising every detail of a charter and choosing a close-up magician for owners or guests follows the same line of enquiry – you should do extensive research prior to booking a magician; looking for strong ability in magic performance and a minimum of MMC status (which is Member of the Magic Circle or even better an AIMC, Associate to the Inner Magic Circle). Reputation is the single most important currency in the industry and a powerful form of referrals.

TURKS & CAICOS – The pristine backdrop of the Turks & Caicos islands have been the venue for beautiful weddings and it’s easy to see why with tranquil beaches and tropical cays free from light pollution, where you can admire the stars at leisure. A stunning place to have Tony perform during a yacht charter for your wedding reception, wedding anniversary or honeymoon.

Tony’s testimonials include VIP guests and well-respected yachting companies who have enjoyed his performances first hand. No matter where in the world he goes, he brings premium entertainment to the most discerning occasions and stirs imaginations that sometimes time and place can be worth more than a sum of its parts.



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